Shaheen Complete Drama : PTV Classic Historical Drama

Watch Shaheen Complete Drama : PTV Classic Historical Naseem Hijazi Novel Based Drama

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Based on Naseem Hijazi's Novel Shaheen. It details the situation of the Muslims in Granada in 1492 when they were about to be expelled from Spain. The novel also very beautifully depicts the reasons of the destruction of Muslim's Empire in Granada.

Naseem Hijazi: His real Name was Sharīf Husain ,more commonly by his pseudonym Nasīm Hijāzī (Urdu: نسیم حجازی, commonly transliterated as Naseem Hijazi, or Nasim Hijazi) (c. 1914- March 1996) was an Urdu writer who is well-known for his novels dealing with Islamic history. He was born at Wazirabad in Pre-Partition India in an Arain family and migrated to Pakistan after independence from the British Rule and subsequent partition of India in 1947. He lived most of his life in Pakistan and died in March 1996.

Cast of Shaheen : PTV Classic Drama:- Ismail Shah, Shakeel Ahmad, Mazhar Ali, Tahira Wasti, Subhani Ba Younis,

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